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How much does pet transportation cost?

If you are looking into transporting your furry friend, whether you're moving, buying/selling, or just heading out on vacation, chances are that one of your main concerns is cost. We understand that everyone's needs are different when it comes to pet transportation and have options to accommodate every situation and budget! Let's look into some of the costs.

Flying: When you hire a company, you are paying for convenience. It's important to keep in mind that using a business with experienced pet movers may not be cheaper than flying or driving the pet yourself. The cost of the service is reflective of the kind of care and experience our flight nannies provide. Be sure to consider that you are paying not only for the flight nanny's time flying with your pup, but also all of the preparation that goes into planning those trips. At PetCommute, our flight prices start at $695 and are based on flight time and availability.

Driving: Ground transportation is a little different than flights because the price is based on distance instead of time. It can be helpful to hire a driver rather than doing it yourself for a few reasons. Hired drivers are already experienced in pet transportation and have the specific vehicles to accommodate every pet's needs. To hire a driver, you are paying for the distance they travel, the gas it takes to get there, and the driver's time. PetCommute's ground prices currently start at $0.85 per mile with a minimum of $500 for short drives.

As a small business, we strive to provide the best service at the most affordable price possible. When it comes to your pet, it's important to consider every option and, like most things, you usually get what you pay for. Your pet's journey is important to us and we'd love to be part of the process!

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