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How can I track my pet's journey during transportation?

Having your pet transported can be nerve-wracking! We understand that you want to track your pet's every move. Here's how we do that for each type of transportation:

Flights: Throughout the flight transportation process, we send everyone with photos and updates through text. Once the pet is dropped off with the flight nanny, they go through security. After finding their gate, the flight nanny will send you updates including pictures, texts, and flight times! They will be in contact up until they board the plane as well as immediately after landing!

Drives: For ground transportation, communication is a bit more consistent. Drivers give updates as often as they can during stops. They will provide pictures during potty-breaks and throughout transportation, along with updates of how they are handling the journey!

At PetCommute, we would like to make your transportation as stress-free as possible, and that starts with communication. We hope to give you the best experience and the cutest pictures of your new family member!

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